Q&A med Marc Webb om Amazing Spiderman 2


Sony har varit snälla och givit oss tillåtelse att publicera en Q&A med Marc Webb som regisserat The Amazing Spiderman 2. Han berättar om det svåraste teamet hade framför sig under skapandet av filmen, vad vi kan förvänta oss av nästa film och vad de gjorde när Andrew Garfield, som spelar Spiderman, inte kunde se något i sin dräkt.

”Andrew got zipped up into the suit and he’s like, “I can’t see.” I looked through them and it was like looking through a bee’s eyes. You literally couldn’t see a thing.”

Marc, for you what was the most challenging aspect of making this sequel?
Technically, the Times Square sequence was a big challenge. Logistically, we had to build an entire set in Long Island. Like Andrew was saying, it’s really rewarding because there are a lot of people that are just dedicated to the act of creation and there are thousands – literally, thousands – of people working on a crew to put something together like that. Times Square is a very important scene in the movie because it’s where this guy, Max, transforms into someone who is one of the most nefarious villains in all of comics. It’s a very important emotional scene but there’s also massive spectacle in it and that was a big challenge. And before the first Spider-Man, I was really interested in the Gwen Stacy storyline in the comic books and I feel so excited and humbled to get a chance to participate in it in some way. That’s been really fun and that I will carry with me for my entire life.

How important was it to remain faithful to the Gwen Stacy storyline?
It was everything. That moment changed everything, not just in Spider-Man but in comics. It ushered in a new era in comics where you took things seriously. You knew that there was a consequence to the kinds of lives these superheroes were leading. And people were shocked by it but it increased the level of engagement afterwards. Suddenly, things became real and, when a villain showed up, you didn’t know what was going to happen. That was just a really wonderful moment. Terrifying but transformative.

Marc, where do you see the series evolving in the next film?
We’re still exploring just how the story will evolve. Certainly, Spider-Man is going to have to confront Oscorp, which is unfolding in a really terrifying way. And Harry Osborn has come to fruition in a way that Spider-Man is really going to have to double down in order to get through that really terrifying obstacle of Harry Osborn.

As a fan, are you excited about the whole expansion the series is going to go through with the next few films?
Just as a fan, too. There are so many great characters in the Spider-Man comics that are incredibly unique and they’re all emissaries of the subconscious in some way, whether it’s Doc Ock or Mysterio or Kraven or Vulture or Rhino. They’re these great characters that could have movies in their own right or that warrant a really deep dive or a really deep exploration. We have really great people that are working on planning that out but it’s really fun to think about.

Is the sequel’s Spider-Man suit different from the last movie?
I would say there are prominent changes. We changed the webbing and we added the belt. In the first one, I wanted the eyes to be something that Peter Parker could have generated himself so he used sunglasses as lenses. This time around, I wanted to return to the iconic big, wide lenses from the comics. It was funny, they took months to make and to do right and then we showed up four days before we were ready to shoot and we pulled them out and they looked magnificent – they were, like, perfect – and we put them in and Andrew got zipped up into the suit and he’s like, “I can’t see.” I looked through them and it was like looking through a bee’s eyes. You literally couldn’t see a thing. So we had to take the screens out of them so that he could see and then build in the screens in CG.


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